Classic-Fs | Ios-M

Kitchen architecture with shape, material and colour in perfect harmony. Purist aesthetics with stylistic elements reduced to the essentials, clean lines, calm and harmony are the «trademarks» of this LEICHT kitchen – a composition of symmetrically structured unit fronts made of mattglass. This kitchen is the embodiment of clarity and simplicity and thus demonstrates the understanding of modern, and at the same time homely, purist design.

Range 1: CLASSIC-FS | F 100 Arctic
Range 2: CLASSIC-FS | F 999 RAL
Range 3: IOS-M | G 999 RAL
Handle : 394 Metal bow handle
Worktop : 005 Glass
Sink: Blancoclaron
Tap: Dornbracht Lot
Electrical appliances: Miele